If you're looking for counseling in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, without judgment and with a personalized approach tailored just for you, you've come to the right place. Connections Counseling, Coaching & Consulting specializes in a broad range of treatments for adults. Explore our therapy services below.

Depression & Anxiety Treatment

Depression and anxiety affect nearly half of the population. These difficulties can range in varying levels of severity and can be treated effectively with counseling sessions.

Trauma Therapy

Individuals who suffer from the negative results of trauma are not sick; they are deeply wounded. Trauma therapy helps clients address, cope with, and heal from overwhelming events that occurred recently or in the distant past. 

DNMS Therapy

DNMS Therapy addresses trauma and attachment wounds resulting from childhood abuse including neglect; and sexual, physical, emotional, spiritual, and verbal abuse. It also helps heal trauma from things that were supposed to happen but didn't.  The DNMS therapy empowers you to come to celebrate your courage and your survival by healing the past so that you can live fully in the present and look forward to the future with hope and joy.

EMDR Therapy

This is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on processing and integrating prior events that negatively affect the present so you can obtain closure in a safe, calming manner.

Life Coaching

Do you feel like you are just going through the motions of life?

Have you recently divorced and struggle to connect with others and move forward?

Are you very successful, yet feel like there is something missing in your life?

Can you ever be present in the moment, with mind, body, and spirit in harmony?

Do you struggle with being authentically you, instead of who others expect you to be?

Get motivated, inspired and on the path to success with life coaching services! The best version of yourself is only a few sessions away. 

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