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Along with counseling and therapy, Connecting Counseling, Coaching & Consulting offers life coaching services.

Whether you find yourself needing guidance navigating life's hardships or a helping hand in reaching your goals, Vicki Martin is here to help. If you find yourself dealing with frequent irritability, high levels of stress and anxiety, lack of fulfillment, difficulty reaching goals, or just generally unhappy with your life's path, life coaching might be a good option for you.

We work one on one with each client to develop a plan to help you reach your goals and build a joyful, fulfilling life. Life coaching can lead to stress relief, better communication skills, financial stability skills, spiritual and emotional support, improved life skills, and more. It can be beneficial in helping to navigate a big life change, such as starting a new job.

While there is some overlap, life coaching is different from counseling. If you are struggling with mental illness and disorders, PTSD, abuse, or other mental health conditions, counseling or therapy treatments with a mental healthcare professional are a better option.

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