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DNMS, or Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy, is one of the therapy techniques Connections Counseling, Coaching & Consulting uses to treat trauma and attachment wounds in adults deriving from childhood abuse. This abuse includes neglect and sexual, physical, emotional, spiritual, and verbal abuse.

The goal of DNMS Therapy allows clients to learn to celebrate their courage and survival by healing past wounds, allowing those suffering from past trauma to live fully in the present and look forward to the future. One of the benefits of DNMS is that it focuses on strengthening your internal resources and using these internal resources to heal the unmet childhood needs.

There is hope if you are struggling with attachement issues and trauma from childhood abuse. Contact Connections Counseling, Coaching & Consulting today to find out if DNMS is a good option for you for overcoming childhood abuse and trauma. We offer in-office and telehealth therapy sessions.

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